Тест: Early или Soon

Тема: Прилагательные и наречия
Количество вопросов: 10
Уровень: Начальный (Beginner)
Инструкция: Выберите правильный ответ Early или Soon.

1. Tell her I’m sorry she’s ill and to get well ____.


2. She’s in her ____ sixties.


3. I hate getting up ____.


4. Come on, let’s wait a bit longer- I’m sure he’ll be here ____.


5. Ciao- see you ____.


6. I’m not going out tonight because I want an ____ night.


7. Could you do it as ____ as possible- I’m in a real hurry.


8. I arrived a bit ____ so I had a coffee while I waited.


9. It’s cloudy- I think it’s going to rain ____.


10. It happened in the ____ 1990s.