Тест: Артикли в английском языке

Тема: Артикли (Английский язык)
Уровень: Начальный (Beginner)
Инструкция: Выберите правильный ответ, чтобы закончить предложение.
Правило в грамматикеУпотребление неопределенного артикля A/An, Употребление определенного артикля The

1. She’s good; she is ____ lawyer who did the conveyancing for our house.


2. While you were out, ____ Mr Baker called. He left his number for you to call back.


3. I live in New York____ most of the year.


4. They’ve got a holiday home in _____ Azores.


5. He lectures at ____Cambridge University.


6. He comes from ____ Midlands.


7. Last year he climbed ____ Everest.


8. King’s College is in ____ Strand.


9. They’ve got a holiday home in _____ Madeira.


10. I went to _____ Tower of London last week.