Verb to go

Идти – Ехать

Привет! Куда ты едешь? – Hi! Where are you going?
Я еду на работу. – I’m going to work.

TO GO (by foot): ИДТИ

Я иду в театр. I’m going to the theatre.
Ты идёшь в гостиницу. You are going to the hotel.
Он идёт в парк. He’s going to the park.
Мы идем в магазин. – We are going to the shop.
Вы идете в ресторан. – You are going to the restaurant.
Они идут на рынок. – They are going to the market.

  • The past tense of the verb идти : шел (masc.), шла (fern.), шло (neut.), шли (pi.)

TO GO (by transport): ЕХАТЬ

Я еду в аэропорт на машине. – I am going to the airport by car.
Ты едешь на вокзал на автобусе. – You are going to the station by bus.
Он едет на собрание на троллейбусе. – He is going to the meeting by trolleybus.
Мы едем в ресторан на такси. – We are going to the restaurant by taxi.
Вы едете на рынок на мотоцикле. – You are going to the market by motorbike.
Они едут на почту на велосипеде. – They are going to the post office by bike.

  • The past tense of the verb ехать : ехал (masc.), ехала (fern.), ехало(neuf.), ехали (pi.)
  • To indicate the means of transport, use:

на + Prepositional

  • The Question Куда? ( «Where» in the sense «to where», when motion / destination are involved.) To answer the question «куда?» use в + accusative, на + accusative or к (ко) + dative

Куда ты идёшь? – Where are you going? – Куда вы идёте? – Where are you going?
Я иду в банк. – I’m going to the bank. – Я иду на пляж. – I’m going to the beach.

  • Reply with в + accusative or на + accusative when talking about a place or an organised event
  • Reply with к (ко) + dative when talking about going to see a person
в + Accusative
в центр (to the centre)
в театр (to the theatre)
в гостиницу (to the hotel)
в музей (to the museum)
в магазин (to the shop)
в больницу (to the hospital)
в офис (to the office)
в университет (to the university)
на + Accusative
на работу (to work)
на балет (to the ballet)
на встречу (to a meeting)
на площадь (to the square)
на вечер (to a party)
на выставку (to the exhibition)
на концёрт (to the concert)
на урок (to the lesson)
на стадион (to the stadium)
на курсы (to the courses)
к + Dative
к другу (to a friend)
к подруге (to a girlfriend)
к сестре (to my sister)
к Ольге (to Olga)
к врачу (to the doctor)
к директору (to (see) the director)