About Linguapedia

Linguapedia was founded by a group of enthusiasts to spread knowledge pertaining to linguistics, foreign languages, language studies  and writing systems. We do not pursue some fame or acknowledgment. But we want our site to be useful and helpful for everyone concerned. There are enormous number of web resources devoted to languages and their learning, and they are all useful and wonderful. We do not “reinvent the wheel”. Our goal is to create a place in the web about foreign languages, where everyone can find answers to all questions. Some kind of a site, where people can learn languages free of charge,  as well as to share their own experience and knowledge with others.

How do we support our project?

We are not-for-profit organization. There is nobody to support us financially and we create our site using our own resources. We display GoogleAdsense advertisements, to get this project viable. This is not big money but quite enough to support and update this site. We do not also ask or receive donations. If you want to help our project, you can either:

  • Link to article you consider interesting or useful
  • Switch off the AdBlock in your Web browser (if any) during browsing our site or enroll it on the whitelist of the AdBlock.
  • You can also become an author of the Linguapedia and write an article. Go to the page using the link to write an article – Write an article.
  • currently the site has 4 language versions: Russian, Ukrainian, English and Spanish. If you want to add your own native language just write us about it and will develop new language section where you’ll be able to publish articles.

Use of materials

We do not prohibit copying and using of our materials. And we’ll be gratefull for linking to the site (article), where you got such information.

Have a good browsing and using the site Linguapedia!