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Welcome to the website of Linguistic Encyclopedia!

It will open doors before you to the world of interesting things related to the study of foreign languages. On the pages of this website you can learn about practically all languages spoken by people in different parts of the world.

Language is communication between people and, without the knowledge of foreign languages, it is impossible to exchange information either in business and science, or culture and everyday life.

When traveling abroad, people adapt to living in an unfamiliar environment, so it would be useful to know greetings and common polite expressions in a foreign language. Almost everyone has to make hotel reservations or ask for directions, call a taxi or make a purchase in a store. Of course, sign language will help to some extent, but it is better to learn the set of the most common expressions in a language of the country you are planning to travel to.

On this website you can start learning a foreign language with the help of the most common expressions, names of colors, months and days of the week. You can never have too much knowledge, and it is often helpful in many life situations.

The information available on this website is intended for a wide range of people, who may not have the systemic knowledge of linguistics. Our website has been designed solely to catch the interest of those willing to learn foreign languages on their own and ensure that you can make a right decision after receiving additional knowledge.

It is never late to start learning a foreign language! Good luck!