Онлайн тести з англійської мови

Тест: Someone, Anyone або No one?

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Тема: Займенник (Англійська мова)
Рівень: Початковий (Beginner)
Інструкція: Виберіть правильну відповідь.
Правило в граматиці:


1) (Doorbell rings) 'There's _____ at the door.'
2) Which can be used in questions?
3) ____ believed them.
4) Shouldn't we ask _____ for help?
5) Which can used with a negative verb?
6) Does _____ know the answer?
7) _____ has left their umbrella behind.
8) Doesn't ____ care?
9) There wasn't _____ there at all.
10) I was very upset because ____ remembered to call me.
11) You should have told ____ about it.
12) I spoke to _____ about it yesterday.
13) Would ____ like some more tea?
14) Do you think that _____ will be there?

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