Тест: Fewer & Less

Тема: Ступені порівняння прикметників (Degrees of comparіson)
Рівень: Початковий (Beginner)
Інструкція: Виберіть правильну відповідь.
Правило в граматиці:

1) I spent ____ time on the first question than the second.
2) There were _____ complications this time.
3) I'd buy it if it were ____ expensive.
4) I've been there ____ times than I should.
5) I need to spend ____ money on stupid things.
6) I made ____ mistakes this time.
7) The project is ____ complicated than the last one.
8) There were ______ at the college last year.
9) I enjoyed his new film ____ than his last one.
10) It was ____ difficult than I'd thought it would be.

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