Онлайн тести з англійської мови

Тест: Ever і Never

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Тема: Прикметники і прислівники
Рівень: Початковий (Beginner)
Інструкція: Виберіть правильну відповідь: Ever, Never або Eіther could be used (Обидва варіанти правильні).
Правило в граматиці:


1) I've ____ seen her do that.
2) Have you ____ tried it?
3) You cannot use 'ever' with the present simple.
4) It's ____ been this bad before.
5) I've trouble ____ since I bought it.
6) Haven't you ____ been there?
7) 'Ever' and 'never' are adjectives.
8) You can only use 'never' with the present perfect.
9) 'Ever' and 'never' are adverbs.
10) I am surprised that you have _____ done it before.

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