Тест: Enough і Too частина 2

Тема: Прикметники і прислівники
Рівень: Початковий (Beginner)
Інструкція: Виберіть правильну відповідь.
Правило в граматиці:

1) We can use enough + noun.
2) We can use too + noun.
3) It cost ____ to buy.
4) There were____ people there.
5) It was ____ without them trying to make things worse.
6) The government didn't have ____ to pass the law.
7) I don't like ____salt in my food.
8) She couldn't sleep because she'd drunk _____ coffee.
9) We can use adjective + enough.
10) I'd had ____ of their fighting.
11) It's ____for us to walk there.

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