Тест: Some, Any или No

Тема: Прилагательные и наречия (Some и Any)
Уровень: Начальный (Beginner)
Инструкция: Выберите правильный ответ.

1) I'm going to the shops to buy ____ fruit.
2) I need ____ help, please.
3) I couldn't find ____ articles on the subject.
4) There aren't ____ seats left.
5) I'll have to go to the cashpoint- I haven't got ____ money on me.
6) I'll have ____ free time at the weekend.
7) I'd like ___ orange juice, please.
8) There are ____ things I'd like to ask you about.
9) There isn't ____ time to finish it.
10) It doesn't matter which you catch- ____ bus will go there.
11) There's ____ way I'll do it.
12) There are ____ tickets left.
13) No one has ____ idea who did it.

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