Adverbs are invariable. They can be divided into several groups, according to their meaning. Adverbs that indicate knowledge of a language are formed with the prefix по- and the suffix -ски: по-русски, по-французски, по-английски. [box style=”2″] Example: Вы понимаете по-русски?

Long and short forms of adjectives

Adjectives that describe a state of being have two forms, a long form and a short form: [box style=”2″] интересные факты – interesting facts факты интересны – the facts are interesting пустой холодильник – an empty fridge холодильник пуст –

Time expressions

[box style=”4″] Летом жарко. – It’s hot in summer. По субботам я хожу в спортзал. – On Saturdays I go to the gym. Во вторник я иду в банк. – On Tuesday I’m going to a bank. [/box] Days and


[box style=”4″] Нью-Йорк—красивый город. – New York is a beautiful city. Рим —древний город. – Rome is an ancient city. [/box] Какой? (m), Какая? (f), Какое? (n), Какие? (pl.) – Which? Adjectives decline. They agree in gender, case and number

Verbs of Motion with a prefix

Prefixes are added to verbs of motion to express particular nuances. [box style=”4″] Когда мы выходили из театра, я увидел Бориса. I saw Boris as we were going out of the theatre. Он решил уехать из Москвы. Не has decided

Verbs of Motion without a prefix

Verbs of motion that have no prefix are in a category of their own. They are divided into two groups, but they are all imperfective. [col type=”one-third”] GROUP ONE идти ехать бежать плыть лететь [/col] [col type=”one-third”]   ← to

Ordinal Numbers

[box style=”4″] [col type=”half”] Какое сегодня число? What is today’s date? Шестое февраля. The 6th of February. [/col] [col type=”half last”] Какой проект вы предпочитаете? Which project do you prefer? Пятый. The fifth. [/col] [/box] FORMATION Stem of the number

Cardinal Numbers

Click on the links of numbers’ names to listen to how they are pronounced [col type=”one-fourth”] 0 ноль 1 один 2 два 3 три 4 четыре 5 пять 6 шесть 7 семь 8 восемь 9 девять 10 десять [/col] [col

Verb to go

Идти – Ехать [box style=”4″] Привет! Куда ты едешь? – Hi! Where are you going? Я еду на работу. – I’m going to work. [/box] TO GO (by foot): ИДТИ [box style=”2″] Я иду в театр. I’m going to the

The Imperative mood

[box style=”4″] Дай, пожалуйста, эту книгу. – Give me this book, please. Не курите здесь, пожалуйста. – Please don’t smoke here. [/box] USAGE The imperative mood is used to ask for something, to give advice or to give an order.