Definition of Adverb Adverb (Lat. ad-verbum ‘belonging to the verb’) – grammatical category (part of speech) that serves to modify verbs, adjectives, other adverbs, and whole clauses semantically. Adverbs cannot be declined and thus are often grouped with prepositions and


Ablaut definition Ablaut (also known as apophony, vowel gradation) – the change of a vowel into another vowel in the root of a word, with a grammatical function, usually for no visible phonological reason. Also known as vowel gradation. The alternant stems of

List of commonly used abbreviations

This list contains the most common abbreviations used in the Oxford English Dictionary. Click on a letter to see the abbreviations beginning with that letter. Most of the words listed are only abbreviated in certain contexts, esp. when used as


Definition of Abbreviation Abbreviation – (Lat. brevis ‘short’) The everyday sense of this term has been refined in linguistics as part of the study of word-formation, distinguishing several ways in which words can be shortened. In the broad sense of the