Definition of Adverb Adverb (Lat. ad-verbum ‘belonging to the verb’) – grammatical category (part of speech) that serves to modify verbs, adjectives, other adverbs, and whole clauses semantically. Adverbs cannot be declined and thus are often grouped with prepositions and


Adverbs are invariable. They can be divided into several groups, according to their meaning. Adverbs that indicate knowledge of a language are formed with the prefix по- and the suffix -ски: по-русски, по-французски, по-английски. [box style=”2″] Example: Вы понимаете по-русски?

Long and short forms of adjectives

Adjectives that describe a state of being have two forms, a long form and a short form: [box style=”2″] интересные факты – interesting facts факты интересны – the facts are interesting пустой холодильник – an empty fridge холодильник пуст –

Time expressions

[box style=”4″] Летом жарко. – It’s hot in summer. По субботам я хожу в спортзал. – On Saturdays I go to the gym. Во вторник я иду в банк. – On Tuesday I’m going to a bank. [/box] Days and


[box style=”4″] Нью-Йорк—красивый город. – New York is a beautiful city. Рим —древний город. – Rome is an ancient city. [/box] Какой? (m), Какая? (f), Какое? (n), Какие? (pl.) – Which? Adjectives decline. They agree in gender, case and number

Verbs of Motion with a prefix

Prefixes are added to verbs of motion to express particular nuances. [box style=”4″] Когда мы выходили из театра, я увидел Бориса. I saw Boris as we were going out of the theatre. Он решил уехать из Москвы. Не has decided

Verbs of Motion without a prefix

Verbs of motion that have no prefix are in a category of their own. They are divided into two groups, but they are all imperfective. [col type=”one-third”] GROUP ONE идти ехать бежать плыть лететь [/col] [col type=”one-third”]   ← to

Ordinal Numbers

[box style=”4″] [col type=”half”] Какое сегодня число? What is today’s date? Шестое февраля. The 6th of February. [/col] [col type=”half last”] Какой проект вы предпочитаете? Which project do you prefer? Пятый. The fifth. [/col] [/box] FORMATION Stem of the number

Cardinal Numbers

Click on the links of numbers’ names to listen to how they are pronounced [col type=”one-fourth”] 0 ноль 1 один 2 два 3 три 4 четыре 5 пять 6 шесть 7 семь 8 восемь 9 девять 10 десять [/col] [col

Verb to go

Идти – Ехать [box style=”4″] Привет! Куда ты едешь? – Hi! Where are you going? Я еду на работу. – I’m going to work. [/box] TO GO (by foot): ИДТИ [box style=”2″] Я иду в театр. I’m going to the